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As the title implies, this is software I wrote to have a webring.

How to use/join

To add yourself to the list, simply email me or add a PR with the URL to your website and a 4:1 aspect ratio image banner. This should all be done in webring.html.

To add the webring to your site, simply make an HTML file called whatever you want, and add this line to it:

<script src=""></script>

From here, to display the banners, create a div called banner-div.

<div id="banner-div"></div>

Optionally, you may also include a "random page" button:

<a href="#" id="random-link">Random Page</a>

This is all outlined in the example index.html


Webrings kind of don't work because there is no centralized list of who all is in it. Well that ends now. Using a bit of JavaScript (don't worry, it's Free), the small script will fetch the list and banners of all of the people in it from my server